Using WordPress as a Library CMS

Kyle M. L. Jones and Polly-Alida Farrington have written a very interesting article on “WordPress as a Library CMS” suggesting how to use WordPress to enhance your library’s web presence.

“A content management system like WordPress lets you manage your website more efficiently by separating the tasks of design and maintenance from the job of adding content. Administrative users can configure, customize, and add features to the site, while editors or contributors can add, edit, and manage their own contributions without worrying about the more technical aspects.

Library website content must be viewed in much the same way as a physical collection:

What are the user roles for staff and visitors?
What is the content strategy for publication on it?
How can users access it from desktop and mobile devices?
What is its editorial schedule?
What information architecture and taxonomical systems are applied to its content?
What are its social features?
A library website, to apply S. R. Ranganathan’s Fifth Law, is a growing organism and must be treated as such, especially with the complexity of web content.”

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