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The Sliding Panels WordPress Plugin

The Sliding Panels is a WordPress plugin by thethefly that provides 5 types of JavaScript-powered Sliding Panels – Top, Bottom, Left, and Right side panels and a Modal Window floating above the main webpage. These sliding panels can be used to organize your content in a Web 2.0 style.

Installing and activating TheThe Sliding Panels plugin on your WordPress site will cause activation of the following widget areas: Top Sliding Panel, Bottom Sliding Panel, Left Sliding Panel, Right Sliding Panel, and Modal Window. You can set all parameters of a panel as well as add any widget into each Sliding Panel/Modal Window widget area.

Suggest uses for Sliding panels are:
Contact us, Opt-in, Sign-Up and Log-In Forms
Alerts, Notices and Reminders
Quick Tips, Help and Support Elements
Embedding PDFs, Videos and downloads
Search Boxes

Image: screenshot of a Modal Window

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/thethe-sliding-panels/

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