Sosbuzz Announces WordPress Blog Search Engine

Deals search engine Sosbuzz has launched a WordPress™ blog search engine. Since the search database is new and not yet complete, Sosbuzz is asking WP blog owners to submit their blog, and up to 10 tag words associated with their blog. The entire process is free and easy.

“I have always been a huge fan of WordPress™,” says Raffi Sosikian, founder of Sosbuzz. “WP makes life so much easier for both bloggers and web developers. I wanted to give WP blog owners yet another way to promote their blogs for free on Sosbuzz. I have personally enjoyed reading WP blogger commentaries for so many years, and I just wanted to give something back to that community. Sure there is no monetary benefit for Sosbuzz in developing a WP blog search engine, in this case, the satisfaction I get in giving something back to that community is payment enough.”

Sosbuzz is a deals search engine that offers consumers great deals on thousands of consumer and business products and services. Sosbuzz promotes businesses risk free through a variety of ways including keyword advertising on its search engine, email marketing to its members, and featured listings. Sosbuzz gets paid a percentage of the sale the business makes, only after the business confirms receiving a sale from a Sosbuzz member.

Sosbuzz currently has over 950,000 charities, schools and religious organizations listed in its cause database. Sosbuzz offers 100% free advertising to all causes listed on Sosbuzz, and posts cause volunteering opportunities on the volunteering opportunities board available to all Sosbuzz members.

For more information on the WP blog search engine available on Sosbuzz, please visit Sosbuzz is in no way affiliated with WordPress™.

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