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WordPress Announcements News and Info

yolink Search for WordPress

TigerLogic Corporation has announced the release of yolink Search for WordPress, a new plugin that provides more relevant and faster search results than current WordPress search tools. yolink Search for WordPress easily drops into sites and blogs, and quickly re-indexes content to provide fully-customizable and accurate search results.

yolink Search for WordPress is now available in the WordPress plugin directory. It’s free for personal blogs and sites, and is affordable for businesses of all sizes. Featuring fast, cloud-based indexing, yolink search helps users easily find and share content found in WordPress sites.

Plugin download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/yolink-search/

yolink searches behind the links of search results pages and web pages, extracts and displays information in context, and highlights all the keyword search terms found in the extracted content. yolink not only saves users time by eliminating the guesswork of clicking through countless links, it goes deeper by retrieving and highlighting relevant contextual information for easy and fast review of search results.
“Native search on WordPress is not intuitive and is rarely helpful,” said Joe Pagliocco, Business Development Manager at TigerLogic. “Even Google Custom search – the next best thing – doesn’t integrate well with your website’s design, and it forcibly includes ads that don’t make money for publishers. yolink Search for WordPress is our solution to these problems, finally providing an advanced, relevance-based search plugin that just plain works.”

In addition to more relevant search results and contextual surfacing of content from behind links, yolink Search for WordPress enables easy sharing and socialization of results.

Benefits of yolink Search for WordPress include:
Provides better search results based on relevancy
Enables searching of both pages and posts on WordPress sites
Searches behind links to surface and highlight search terms in context
Identifies relevant search content with multi-color keyword highlighting
Indexes fast, real-time and in the cloud
Eliminates unwanted advertisements
Shares easily to Google Docs, Evernote, EasyBib, Facebook, Twitter, and more

“With yolink Search for WordPress, readers will no longer be disoriented, deterred, or frustrated when searching on WordPress sites,” said Jason Cohen, co-developer of yolink Search for WordPress, and co-founder of WP Engine. “WordPress search has been a problem for a long time. Previous search options available to the community have been unacceptable and we’re happy to have built a tool that just works the way you want it to.”

yolink Search for WordPress was co-developed by TigerLogic and WP Engine.

For more information see http://www.yolink.com/wordpress

About yolink:
yolink is a next-generation search technology that helps you find information and get things done quickly. yolink extracts information from behind links and inside of documents, surfacing key information from unwieldy result sets.
yolink is generally available via its API and blogger and site search widgets. TigerLogic also offers a browser plugin application for those who want to use yolink across the web or an individual computer.
For more information, please visit http://www.yolink.com

About WP Engine:
WP Engine is a hosting company focused on making WordPress fast, scalable, secure, and reliable. WP Engine takes the best blogging platform on Earth and makes it better, while also contributing knowledge and open source code back to the community.

WP Engine was founded in 2010 by Jason Cohen. It is privately held with offices in Austin, TX.

About TigerLogic Corporation:
TigerLogic Corporation (Nasdaq: TIGR) has been providing reliable data management and rapid application deployment solutions for ISVs and developers of database applications for more than three decades. TigerLogic’s product offerings include: 1) TigerLogic® yolink, a next-generation technology that enhances search; 2) TigerLogic® XML Data Management Server (XDMS), provides flexible, scalable and extensible XML data storage as well as query and retrieval of critical business data across a variety of structured and unstructured information sources; 3) Pick® Universal Data Model (Pick UDM) based database management systems and components, including D3®, mvEnterprise® and mvBase® that are the choice of more than a thousand application developers worldwide; and 4) Omnis Studio®, a cross-platform, object-oriented RAD tool for developing sophisticated thick-client, Web-client or ultra thin-client database applications. TigerLogic’s installed customer base includes more than 500,000 active users representing more than 20,000 customer sites worldwide, with a significant base of diverse vertical applications. With employees and contractors worldwide, TigerLogic offers 24×7 customer support services and maintains an international presence. More information about TigerLogic and its products can be found at http://www.tigerlogic.com

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