Onswipe WordPress Plugin

Onswipe’s WordPress plugin makes it easy to make your content look great on all touch devices.

Current features:

Accelerometer Aware
Content layout changes according to the way that your reader is holding their iPad®.

Homescreen Icon
Get homescreen real estate! Now your readers can save your blog to their home-screen and have an icon right next to the rest of their apps.

Loading Screen
When readers tap on your icon, they will be presented with a loading screen with an image or graphic of your choosing.

Cover Image
Padpressed grabs the image from your latest article and instantly makes a beautiful magazine-like cover for your publication.

Integrated WordPress Comments
We pull your existing comments and allow your readers to leave their own.

Plugin download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/onswipe/

Preview it now for iPad and WordPress. Sign up to get access to the full Onswipe platform when it launches at http://www.Onswipe.com

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