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Media Lab Inc., premier provider of Photoshop web plug-ins and website editing software, announces that designers can now create PSD to WordPress Themes in Photoshop with Media Lab’s NEW SG3xpress for WordPress Photoshop plug-in. In addition, Media Lab has released the SG3xpress Add-on for its SiteGrinder 3 for users who wish to add advanced blog and WordPress Theme-building to the already powerful SiteGrinder 3 website creation software.

If you know Photoshop then you already know enough to start creating WordPress themes and blogs for yourself and your clients. Creating a blog or a WordPress site in Photoshop is easy with SG3xpress. Now you can go directly to WordPress with your design saving even more time and money for yourself and your clients.

“SG3xpress is great! If you are a graphic designer or web developer like myself you will find the SG3xpress for WordPress Photoshop plug-in to be an invaluable addition to your toolkit,” said Chipp Walters, CEO of Altuit. “If you are a SiteGrinder 3 Platform user like me the SG3xpress add-on extends the power of SiteGrinder and is a must have for every SiteGrinder 3 user.”

In the past you had two choices for creating a WordPress blog: choose a pre-built WordPress theme or build a theme from scratch by painstakingly coding it yourself. Although there are many pre-packaged WordPress themes available online, using one means you won’t have a unique, one of a kind website designed specifically for your business. Yet building a theme and hand-coding is more work than many designers have the ability, time, or desire to do. SG3Xpress for WordPress changes everything.

With SG3xpress for WordPress you can design a website that looks exactly like you want it to look and convert it into a WordPress theme with no hand-coding at all. How does it work? SiteGrinder works by simply adding “hints” to layer and layer comp names to tell SiteGrinder how to code a layer into an HTML or CSS web component, including WordPress posts, comments, sidebars, menu trees, and widget layouts. You can add any other graphical and text elements you desire to your WordPress pages.

“The SG3xpress for WordPress Photoshop plug-in and the SG3xpress add-on for SiteGrinder 3 are just the beginning of powerful new tools to express your creativity in many of the cloud-based platforms like WordPress and Facebook,” says Chris Perkins, co-founder of Media Lab. “SG3xpress is based on the SiteGrinder 3 Platform which makes it easy to generate amazing looking blogs and sites without having to write one single line of code.”

SG3xpress comes in two versions:
SG3xpress for WordPress is a stand-alone Photoshop plug-in uniquely for creating WordPress Themes and has a limited time introductory price of $149.00, a $130 savings. SG3xpress for WordPress retails for $279.00.
SG3xpress Add-on has a limited time introduction price of $97.00 a savings of $100. The SG3xpress Add-on requires SiteGrinder 3 and is for those who want the power of the SiteGrinder 3 Platform but also want to build advanced blogs and WordPress themes.

SiteGinder 3 and SG3xpress Compatibility
On the PC, SiteGrinder 3 and SG3xpress are compatible with Windows XP and later, including Windows 7. It requires Photoshop 7 or later including the latest Photoshop CS5, or Photoshop Elements 6, 7, 8 and 9. On the Mac, SiteGrinder 3 and SG3xpress are compatible with Mac OS X 10.1 or greater, Photoshop CS3, CS4 or CS5 (Mac OS X 10.4 or later for the Intel-based Mac), or Photoshop Elements 6, 7, 8 and 9. Websites created using SiteGrinder 3 are compatible with WordPress 3.0 and greater. Visit www.medialab.com for complete details and to download your copy of SiteGrinder 3 or SG3xpress.

About Media Lab, Inc.
For over a decade, Logan, Utah-Based Media Lab, Inc. has specialized in creating interactive Photoshop tools that make it easy to bring amazing web designs to life. In addition to its flagship product SiteGrinder 3, Media Lab’s SiteGrinder 2 has also enjoyed an array of favorable reviews and accolades since it debuted in April 2000 under the name of Photowebber. Prior to the release of Photowebber, Media Lab’s innovative multimedia design tools, PhotoCaster, PSD2FLA, and AlphaMania, were used to create pioneering special effects seen at Disney World’s EPCOT Center in Florida, as well as in numerous popular music videos and motion pictures, such as “X-Men 2,” “Spiderman 2,” “Air Force One,” and “Armageddon.” For complete information on Media Lab, Inc. and its current products, visit www.medialab.com

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