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WordPress Google Docs Viewer

Google Docs Viewer is a WordPress plugin by dartiss that provides multiple viewing functions related to Google Docs.

It can allow you to easily convert a link to a document so that it uses Google Docs as the viewer. Secondly, it provides a method of embedding certain document types directly into your post or page.

Google Docs Viewer

Once this plugin is activated you can easily convert a document link to be viewable via Google Docs by simply replacing http in the URL with gdoc (or gdocs if it’s a https address).

So, you may specify gdoc://www.somewhere.com/document.pdf as a link to a PDF document. When the user clicks on it instead of launching it as a PDF it will be displayed in Google Docs.

Embedded Viewer

Document can also be embedded directly into the post or page by using a new WordPress shortcode named [gdoc].

There are two optional parameters – width and height. If you do not specify any of these values the width will be set to the page width and the height as half the width value.

More info and download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/google-docs-viewer/

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