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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Technical Speech WordPress Magazine Theme

Technical Speech is a WordPress theme by suhaibkhan with a magazine like layout, developers and writers friendly theme. Compatible with WordPress 2.7 and greater. Theme options, 3 dynamic sidebars, dropdown menus with jQuery. Updated : Multiple headers, a third widget added, ‘About Me’ box fully customizable

Main features of Technical Speech theme are :

Three column layout.
Two dynamics sidebars with widget support.
Theme mainly uses navigation based on ‘Categories’ with slide down menu (sub categories) made with jQuery.
Pages are displayed on the top navigation bar with drop down menus (sub pages) made with jQuery.
Front page displays an ‘About Me’ box which displays the content of a specified page (page link can be set at ‘Technical Speech Settings’ in your admin page) and the image displayed in the about me box is located at ‘
\images\ about_img.jpg’ (replace this image with your own).
Front page displays only three ‘Recent Articles’ and three ‘Popular Articles’ and the ‘About Me’ box.
Thanks for easy-popular-posts WordPress plugin by Christopherross for displaying popular posts in the front page and jQuery plugin hoverIntent used in the top navigation (pages).
Theme options available in the admin page.
Double display layout for posts and front page posts (Column and Row display, can be set at in the theme options).
Threaded display of comments.
More features will be implemented in the coming versions of this theme …

Theme homepage: http://suhaibkhan.co.cc/
Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/technical-speech

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