Urlin Protector WP Content Protection Plugin for WordPress

Urlin Protector WP plugin by UrlinSoftware is intended for the protection of Your site’s content from unauthorized copying by the visitors and automatic grabbers. Urlin Protector WP reliably protects Your site from the plagiarists’ attacks. Unlike the other products designed for the site content protection, Urlin Protector WP not only restricts the user’s ability to select a part of the text in the page and block the mouse’s right button and some function keys but also encodes the content in the page’s source code. It provides a reliable protection for the content against the automatic grabbers. Urlin Protector WP is installed as a plugin on the sites controlled by CMS WordPress, starting from the version of WordPress 2.6. The plugin’s capabilities:

encodes the content of all the articles that are on the site;
encodes all the links that are contained in the articles;
encodes the addresses of all the images that are contained in the articles;
blocks the selecting and copying of the text in the page;
blocks the mouse’s right button click in the page;
generates the source code of the page that contains the article text; the source code is unreadable for people and automatic grabbers;
does not change the source code of the page within the encoded articles facilitating the site indexing by the search engines;
supports SEF URLs;
the component installation and using are very easy and require no programming skills;
the component is ready for use immediately after the installation;
the component’s additional capabilities facilitate to improve the indexing of the pages containing the protected content by the search engines.

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/urlin-protector-wp/

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