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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress Custom Contact Forms

Custom Contact Forms is a WordPress plugin by Taylor Lovett, who says; “Guaranteed to be 1000X more customizable and intuitive than Fast Secure Contact Forms or Contact Form 7. Customize every aspect of your forms without any knowledge of CSS: borders, padding, sizes, colors. Ton’s of great features. Required fields, captchas, tooltip popovers, unlimited fields/forms/form styles, use a custom thank you page or built-in popover with a custom success message set for each form.”


NEW – All form submissions saved and displayed in admin panel as well as emailed to you
NEW – Import and export forms/fields/styles/etc. with ease!
NEW – This plugin can now be translated in to different languages – UTF8 character encoding.
NEW – Error messages can be customized for each field
Choose between XHTML or HTML. All code is clean and valid!
Create unlimited forms and fields
Required Fields
NEW – CCF works in all languages that are supported by UTF-8 Character Set
Custom Contact Forms now uses PHPMailer and thus supports STMP and SSL
NEW Have your contact forms send mail to multiple email addresses
Create text fields, textareas, checkboxs, and dropdown fields!
Custom HTML Forms Feature – if you are a web developer you can write your own form html and use this plugin simply to process your form requests. Comes with a few useful features.
Displays forms in theme files as well as pages and posts.
Set a different destination email address for each form
Customize every aspect of fields and forms: titles, labels, maxlength, initial value, form action, form method, form style, and much more
Create checkboxes, textareas, text fields, etc.
Captcha and “Are You Human?” spam blockers included and easily attached to any form
Create custom styles in the style manager to change the appearance of your forms: borders, font sizes, colors, padding, margins, background, and more
You can create unlimited styles to use on as many forms as you want without any knowledge of css or html.
Show a stylish JQuery form thank you message or use a custom thank you page.
Custom error pages for when forms are filled out incorrectly
Option to have forms remember field values for when users hit the back button after an error
Easily report bugs and suggest new features
Script in constant development – new version released every week
Easily process your forms with 3rd party sites like Infusionsoft or Aweber
Set a custom thank you page for each form or use the built in thank you page popover with a custom thank you message
No javascript required
Detailed guide for using the plugin as well as default content to help you understand how to use Custom COntact Forms
Stylish field tooltips powered by jquery
Manage options for your dropdowns and radio fields in an easy to use manager
Popover forms with Jquery (Coming soon!)
Free unlimited support
AJAX enabled admin panel
Assign different CSS classes to each field.
Ability to disable JQuery if it is conflicting with other plugins.
Works with WordPress 2.8.1+, WPMU, and BuddyPress (WordPress 3.0+ is highly recommended)
PHP register_globals and safe_mode should be set to “Off” (this is done in your php.ini file)
Your theme must call wp_head() and wp_footer()

Download and Info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/custom-contact-forms/

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