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WordPress Announcements News and Information

WP-ViperGB Guestbook for WordPress

WP-ViperGB is a WordPress plugin by Justin_K designed to replicate the appearance and behavior of the discontinued Viper Guestbook project. It makes it easy to add a stylish and user-friendly guestbook to your blog.

Create user-friendly guestbooks without writing a single line of code.
Lives in a standard WordPress page and uses comments for entries, so moderation and antispam functionality works as normal.
Two-View layout provides one view for submitting entries and another for reading them.
Automatic paging of entries to customizable length.
Allow users to upload and embed images in their signatures.
Show icons for country, browser, and OS in visitor signatures.
Admin-panel stylesheet selector allows easy skinning to suit your theme.
No bloat: Uses existing WordPress faculties so no custom database tables are required.
Simple PHP template function allows programmers to manually embed standalone guestbooks in any template they wish.

Plugin homepage and demo: http://www.justin-klein.com/projects/wp-vipergb#demo

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