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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Cleeng Seeds Beta Monetization Solution for WordPress

Cleeng announced that it has begun seeding its ground-breaking content monetization solution to beta testers on the WordPress platform. Cleeng is a patented* cloud based service for popular Content Management Systems (CMS) that provides publishers with an easy way of collecting micro-payments when consumers consult online content, such as articles, photos and videos. Beta testers can register at www.cleeng.com

Cleeng is an important breakthrough for online publishers. First, it is the missing link between online ads and subscription paywalls. It opens a completely new revenue stream for publishers and is 100% compatible with existing CMS and subscription models. Second, it enables consumers to buy quality content on the fly with one click, without requiring them to be a site subscriber.
“In the quest to monetize content, online ads and subscription paywalls have shown their limits. We saw that there was room for a high-volume, low-unit cost solution for paid-for content that provides a service to both users and publishers alike,” said Gilles Domartini, founder of Cleeng. “We’ve invented a frictionless, unified content acquisition system that’s a breeze to integrate and leaves content visible to search engines.”

How it works
With Cleeng, publishers define which part of their content is available to Cleeng users and the price for each item of content. Content items are priced between €0.15 – €0,99. All but a fraction of the revenues go to the publisher.

Cleeng is very flexible. For example, a newspaper can monetize an entire article or just one part of it. A novelist can cover just a few pages. This enables consumers to try content before they buy it. Cleeng is platform & devices agnostic (PC, Mac, Phones, Tablets, TVs…) and works on all common browsers.
When published, the content item is hidden behind a secure Cleeng layer on the publisher’s website – and the page remains completely visible to search engines. The Cleeng layer is embedded in the HTML, so the content is always under the publisher’s control.

Within seconds, users register once using their existing Facebook, Yahoo! or Google accounts, and then experience content acquisition 5 times for free on any registered publishers. They can too use PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and soon Facebook or Skype credits. Once purchased, the content appears instantly and is made available to the user for unlimited usage, on any of their devices.
A full demo can be found here: http://cleeng.it/hKiKbn

Free plugin for CMS systems
Cleeng is currently available as a free WordPress plugin for registered beta testers. As of November 2010, 17 million websites were using WordPress hosted solution°. In the near future Cleeng will be available as a free plug-in for other popular Content Management Systems, including Drupal, Joomla and Brightcove. Installation takes just a few minutes. A free API is available for integrating Cleeng in proprietary CMS.

About Cleeng
Cleeng is a patented technical solution* that makes one-click content monetization incredibly easy. Available as a CMS plug-in, it enables content creators to earn micropayments for their content. It simplifies access to unique quality content by offering a one-click, pay-as-you-go solution to online consumers. It works on all web-enabled devices and with practically all kinds of content. Cleeng has offices in Amsterdam and Paris. It is a privately held company founded in 2010 by former Apple, Philips, Best of Media and Packard Bell executives. For more information visit www.cleeng.com.

° Source: http://en.wordpress.com/stats/

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