WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

OzeVision Web Hosting Offers 1-Click WordPress Install

WordPress is one of the most popular advanced blogging softwares in the world and OzeVision Web Hosting is offering free 1-click installation and hosting for WordPress through its specialised subsidiary WebHostingForWP.com upon purchase of a regular web hosting account. Unlike many other WordPress hosting companies that require you to first buy a hosting account and then go to your Hosting Control Panel to install WordPress, OzeVision Web Hosting allows you to choose WordPress for fully automated installation while purchasing web hosting for WordPress. As a result, your WordPress is installed fully automated with default settings as soon as you complete purchase of your hosting account and your website goes live instantly! Of course, if you don’t want that then you can skip installation at this point and install WordPress later on from your Hosting Control Panel using the old fashion way but even then it takes only a couple of clicks.

“You can install WordPress in any folder on your website or use it as the actual website since it is a unique and sophisticated publishing platform. Its greatest advantage is that it is the result of the feedback and the creative work of a huge community of users, you can say that it has been developed for the users by the users” says Khalid M. Syed, Director of OzeVision Web Hosting.

WordPress is a splendid blogging software that is rich in useful features. You will be able to utilize a variety of user-friendly turn-key templates provided free with your account. The ease with which the admin panel allows you to create categories, change the appearance, etc. as well as install different plugins is impressive. WordPress also allows multi-file uploading, cookie encryption and salted passwords. It provides built-in galleries, a customizable dashboard and a media library.

The WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor is really handy and some of the plug-in upgrades allow you to publish photos all by yourself, and even embed YouTube videos. You have the ability to add tags for each post allowing the visitors to find similar posts. WordPress allows you to create new categories even while you are posting and also to add one and the same post to multiple categories at the same time.

OzeVision Web Hosting provides web hosting and domain registration. For any enquiries please visit http://www.OzeVisionWebhosting.com and use the “Contact Us” form. (WordPress is a registered trademark of Automattic Inc. OzeVisionWebHosting.com or WebHostingForWP.com are not affiliated with or sponsored by Automattic or WordPress).

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