WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

Cornerstone Enhanced Content Management for WordPress

Cornerstone by archetyped is a plugin makes using your favorite web publishing platform (WordPress) practical for any type of site by enhancing its content management capabilities. Too long have we had to resort to hacks like using categories in menus to build a psuedo site structure (you know what I’m talking about).

The public beta of Cornerstone includes several enhancements, the primary focus of this release being a feature that allows WordPress to be used for sites that go beyond just blogging– Posts in Sections. Create a section, add posts to it, they show up when you navigate to that section.

Posts in Sections (see above for more info. Why are you reading from the bottom up?)
Structured permalinks – post permalinks are based on the section they are in (e.g. /section-name/post-name/)
RSS for Sections – Let users subscribe to and receive updates for specific sections on the site.

Plugin homepage: http://archetyped.com/tools/cornerstone/

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