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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Ndizi Project Management for WordPress

Ndizi Project Management plugin by georgestephanis is a free WordPress Project Management solution, similar to Basecamp.

Ndizi supports storing:
Projects (which belong to clients),
Tasks (which belong to Projects and can be assigned to a WordPress User),
Time Entries (which belong to Projects and can be assigned to a WordPress User),
Invoices (which belong to Projects, and [soon] can be assigned time reports).
Ndizi also lets you select a front-end page of your site, where your clients can authenticate and view their details, invoices, projects (including time totals for each, but not the individual time reports), and each task (with status) assigned to their projects. They can also add new tasks, which are then added to the back end for you to modify, clarify, and assign as-needed.

Coming Features (in no particular order):

Linking time reports to invoices, or indicating that they are ‘non-billable’ hours.
Optionally linking time reports to a given task.
Exporting invoices to other services such as FreshBooks, rather than managing internally. (If you have a service you’d like to see supported, contact me!)
Allowing users and clients to post messages and upload files, attaching them to projects or tasks.
New Contacts data type, enabling you to associate (none, one, or more) contacts with (none, one, or more) clients or projects.
Logged-in-user-only sidebar widget to enable time entries from front-end of site.
E-mail sent to specified users when clients add tasks through the front-end of the site.
New Time Entry pages for non-administrative users.
Adding more in-depth user permissions for assorted tasks.
Adding ‘reports’ page for users to see stats, time totals across projects and such.
Setting Clients and Projects to ‘inactive’ or ‘archiving’ old ones.
Open to any other User Interface suggestions!

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ndizi-project-management/

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