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WordPress Announcements News and Information

GoodRelations for WP e-Commerce WordPress Plugin

GoodRelations for WP e-Commerce plugin by Cjunghanns enriches your WP e-Commerce Store with RDFa Data for the Semantic Web.

Search engines are herewith able to read all details of your products description and is reported to improve your ranking in search engine results.

GoodRelations is already in use by companies like Google, BestBuy, Overstock.com, Yahoo, OpenLink Software, O’Reilly Media, the RDF Book Mashup and many others.

To increase your visibility in the Web, you should install a separate plugin which creates a sitemap.xml, enable the product rating feature of WP e-Commerce and activate the permalink feature of WordPress!

wpec-goodrelations requires at least:

WordPress version 3.0 ( uses home_url() )
WP e-Commerce
For a working livedemo of wpec-goodrelations please visit: http://www.christian-junghanns.de/wpec-livedemo

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpec-goodrelations/

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