Chronological Spam Removal Plugin for WordPress

Chronological Spam Removal WordPress plugin by skunkbad deletes spam from the comments table of the database. It does so by checking it for matches against the characters or words you have blacklisted in Settings->Discussion. Also on the Settings->Discussion page is a setting for the maximum allowed links that a comment can contain. This plugin will delete comments that have too many links. Finally, spam can be deleted if it has a url in the author url field. This is handy if you don’t have a author url form field in your comment form, and bots are submitting without using your form.

This plugin adds a menu item in the Settings section of the admin area. Currently only two options are available:

1) The frequency to run the automated process of removing spam. Default is twice a day.

2) Whether or not to remove spam that has been submitted with the website field. Default is NO (unchecked).

Requires PHP V5+.


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