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WordPress Announcements News and Information

FV Antispam WordPress Plugin

FV Antispam by FolioVision is a powerful and simple antispam plugin. Puts all the spambot comments directly into trash and let’s other plugins (Akismet) deal with the rest.

Doesn’t need configuration – all the redundant and dangerous options are removed in favour of not doing mistakes in configuration
No false positives
No detectable signature for spam bots
Blacklisted comments are put into trash
The spam is moved directly to trash
Works hand in hand with Akismet
Stops only the machine spam
Doesn’t stop human spam which Akismet will move to spam folder

Based on Antispam Bee version 1.5

Plugin homepage: http://foliovision.com/seo-tools/wordpress/plugins/fv-antispam

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