WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress.com Announce Text Messaging

WordPress.com has announced Text Messaging using a new 77377 (PRESS) shortcode, you can manage your blog using SMS messages. The service is free, but there are paid upgrade features.

Free Features
Users are added or removed
The theme changes
The privacy settings change

Upgrade Features
Protect your blog by using a two-step login process. A text message will be sent to your phone upon login with a passcode that must be entered in order to access your Dashboard.

Get notified of new comments and moderate them on the spot with a simple text reply. You can also send in a reply to comments you receive.
Get a notification when a post is published on your blog.
Need to post something short and sweet right away? You can fire off a text and a new post will be added to your blog instantly.

The upgrade costs $20 per year.

More info: http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2010/10/11/texting-its-now-for-blogging-too/

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