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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Free Sports WordPress Plugins: NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer

www.A93D.com, announced that it has completed the initial versions of its suite of 36 free sports plugins.

Each plugin can be used in a WordPress blog sidebar. Screenshots and live demos of select plugins can be viewed at the A93D.com website.

The basic offering is “Team Stats” plugin, which displays a table of all pertinent, up to date, team stats. For example, the NFL Team Stats plugin allows bloggers to choose their own team, display size, and font color. Once these settings are saved, the only other thing to do is place the widget in the blog sidebar.

Other offerings include Sports News Scrollers and League Rankings scrollers, also known as Power Rankings. Each scroller is programmed in Flash, so that their are no conflicts with existing WP code or other plugins. The blogger can choose the background colors and font color of their scroller, so that the plugin appearance can match their blog’s color scheme.

The News Scroller plugins are updated multiple times per day, while the Rankings plugins are updated a few times each week.

Download: www.a93d.com

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