Like Button Plugin For WordPress

This plugin adds a Like-Button after every post/page you choose (you can exclude Posts/Pages/…, These excluded sites will have no Like-Button).. Before or after the content as well as a sidebar-widget.

The Like-Button-Widget includes a little Like-Button-Generator to make it easier for you to get a Like-Button to your sidebar. It also adds a Shortcode for your like-Button. It is also possible to choose the XFBML or the iframe-Button. You could also choose the position of your like-button within the post/page.


Plugin is available in English and in German
the Button can be individualy created for every site or one button for the whole blog
you can exclude sites which won’t get a like button
individual button position (before/after the content)
add all available OpenGraph Meta-Tags
you can individually design your Like-Button with css (css-Class)
our Like-Button-Generator makes it even more easier for you to create a Like Button
Analyse your Blog: Analyse the activity of your visitors and their likes
Use iFrame or XFBML-Button (with share and comment functionality)
use a shortcode to insert the like-Button
create a Like-Button Sidebar-Widget (also individual Like-Button for every Site/Post or one Like-Button for the whole site.
Live Support in our Forum and FanPage
easily connect your Facebook-Account, Fanpage or Application with the Like-Button on your blog
Dashboard-Widget which shows you your blog-recommendations
Individual Description-Tag for every post/page of your blog
Shortcode-Only-Modus: If you just like the Shortcode and you do not anything else

Download and info:

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