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BuddyPress Moderation Plugin

This BuddyPress plugin by Francesco Laffi allows aite admins can already edit or delete every content in a BP community, but analyzing every content posted could be a crazy/impossible work in big communities. This plugin use crowdsourcing to help site admins finding contents to moderate.

It adds links/buttons to flag inappropriate user generated content in the site, so members can easily flag contents as inappropriate. Admins can then see all the reported contents in an organized table in the wp backend, order/filter them and take actions (ignore, delete, mark/unmark the content author as spammer).

Another table show members, how many posts from them have been reported/moderated, how many posts have they reported and moderated from admin. Here find bad/good members and take action on them.

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bp-moderation/

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