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WordPress Announcements News and Information

WordPress Tweeter Plugin

When trying this plugin, we found it allows tech163_ Tech163 to post tweets in your account like “My Tweet Lovers” @Liz4hs @djsmommie @TWPSolicitors @_Dogy2356__ @CPJosh29 @Titacortes @Leppardlady01 See yours @ http://bit.ly/94tJkC” If you click on them it wants you to allow another application “My Tweet Lovers by Fusionswift” to connect to Twitter.


WordPress Tweeter plugin by Tech163 tweets every time you make a new post on your blog. Please read the documentations before using this plugin, as the documentation provides all the information needed to use the plugin.


Choose a custom tweet template to use
Option to tweet even when a post is updated
Many tags to use in tweet template
Option to choose from many URL shortening sites

Current version Version: 0.7.3

Plugin homepage with set-up info: http://fusionswift.com/wordpress-tweeter/

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