WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

IWantMine.com Announce Membership Site Software for WordPress

IWantMine.com recently announced the release of Micro-Membership, a WordPress membership site plugin that allows WordPress users and bloggers to easily convert their websites into fully protected, fully functional, membership websites supporting both free and paid subscriptions.

“Micro-Membership was designed specifically for the WordPress community, people who have been spoiled by the high value, ease of use, and ’no or low’ cost of WordPress and WordPress plugins and themes,” says Ralph Pruitt, Owner and Lead Developer of Eubie Art Media – the parent company of IWantMine.com.

“We’re very happy we were able to keep Micro-Membership fully compatible with WordPress – including WordPress 3.0 multi-site – and deliver exclusive, pro-level features at a low, ’for-the-rest-of-us price’,” Pruitt added.

WordPress website owners will appreciate these key features of Micro-Membership:

1. A true WordPress plugin – so Micro-Membership seamlessly integrates into the standard WordPress registration, login, and security processes.

2. Fast installation and easy, menu-driven configuration

3. Top shelf membership features including: 5 membership levels, gradual content delivery (dripped content), content teasers (great for search engines), content protection by category, PayPal and ClickBank support, and more.

“Other membership site software for WordPress is expensive, difficult to install and configure, and is usually restricted to just one domain for installation,” Pruitt says, “but Micro-Membership, while powerful and effective, is simple to install and configure and can be used on an unlimited number of personally owned domains.”

For more information on Micro-Membership, visit http://www.IWantMine.com/micro-membership. To arrange for interviews, contact Ralph Pruitt at 602-320-9606 or [email protected].

IWantMine.com is a company created to deliver high-value, low-priced products and services to the Internet community. Founded in 2003, IWantMine.com has helped hundreds of individuals and small businesses increase their online earnings with its creative and cost-effective solutions.

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