Add All Nav Links to Buddypress Adminbar Plugin

This plugin aggregates all Buddypress directory and WordPress page links into the BP Adminbar, and provides a user configuration option to remove the now redundant main nav (plus several others).

All CSS (position, colors, size, etc.) can be controlled as usual through your child theme’s stylesheet. Make your life easier (and mine too) by using Firefox with the Firebug addon for this!

All BP directory pages (Members, Groups, Forums, etc.) are collected in a Community dropdown, including any directories from added plugins like BP-Links or BP-Gallery.

All WP pages appear in dropdowns that respect whatever page order you have set in your WP backend. Child and grandchild pages appear in flyout subnavs.

When logged out, only the Buddypress page dropdown (“Community”)and WP page dropdowns appear.

When logged in, the “My Account”, “My Blogs” and “Notifications” menus appear and shift the other dropdowns to the right.

The plugin code uses standard BP slugs, so if you’ve changed those (through bp-custom or wp-config or whatever other method), they should show as you’ve labeled them.

Several user configuration options have been included so you can customize your new admin/navbar to your heart’s content. See the FAQ for more.

Download and info:

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