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WordPress Announcements News and Information

W3 Total Cache Plus MaxCDN

ZoKnowsGaming has published an interesting article on using W3 Total Cache with MaxCDN. Well worth a read if you want to speed up your WordPress sites!

W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.

CDN is a Content Delivery Network of highly-optimized servers all around the world working together to distribute your content (CSS and Javascript files, downloadable objects, applications, real-time media streams, and much more) through hundreds of servers instead of a single host. This “smart route” technology makes sure each visitor to your site gets their data from the city closest to them.

Full article: http://zoknowsgaming.com/2010/08/09/w3-total-cache-maxcdn-highly-improves-wordpress-performance/


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