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Skype Online Status WordPress Plugin

The Skype Online Status plugin by RavanH allows you to add one or multiple, highly customizable and accessible (!) Skype buttons to your blog. You can pick any of the available Skype button themes that will show your online status and place them in your pages and posts content (with a neat little Skype quicktag button in the WYSIWYG editor), in your sidebar via widgets (unlimited number) or anywhere in your theme template files.

The Skype Status admin page and Skype Widget options are adequately annotated but there is also a Quick Guide section with lots of information on all the possible ways to get you blog Skyped. If you still cannot get it working the way you want to, find a Skype link to the developer on the Notes & Live Support section.

Button themes are mostly based on the themes you can find on Skype’s button wizard page but more feature rich, like showing your online status in the alt text of the image, more accessible (!) and much more customizable, like setting your own Status texts in your blogs language. Even a button to invoke normal phone calls or multichats or conference calls is possible!

Which version?
Older versions have been developed for WordPress 2.0+, 2.1+ and 2.3+ but with versions 2.6.x the main development focus was on WordPress 2.6. From version 2.6.9, WordPress 2.7+ is supported but support for below WordPress 2.2 has been dropped.

Plugin homepage: http://4visions.nl/wordpress-plugins/skype-online-status/

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