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Officers Directory Plugin for WordPress

This plugin by Douglas Bell is designed for organizations of any size that want to provide their visitors with an organized list of their officers and/or a way for visitors to contact those officers.

Using this plugin you can create a directory of your officers, which can be display publicly in a table view. You can also embed a reCAPTCHA-powered contact form on your site that integrates with the officers directory in order to let your visitors select the recipient of their e-mail from among your officers.

Features include:

Can identify each officer by their position name/title & the name of the officer holding that position
Support for one officer, two co-officers, or identifying a position as vacant
E-mail addresses of officers are kept private from the public-facing areas of your site
Optionally provide a description of what each officer’s duties are that can be displayed publicly
Group related officer positions together under custom position types
Complete control of the display order of position types and officers within those types
This plugin is compatible with the multisite-enabled installations of WordPress, so that each site in your network can maintain a different directory of officers. This plugin also integrates with WordPress’ contextual help system, so you can use the sliding Help tabs in the admin panel for detailed information about how to manage the directory.

NOTE! This plugin requires WordPress 3.0 or later (compatible with multi-site installations), PHP 5.0.0 or later.

Plugin homepage: http://www.douglasbell.us/plugins/

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