WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

WikiWP WordPress Theme

Wiki-style theme by lifeissimple for WordPress. WikiWP is best suited for an encyclopedic website.

The theme gives you the opportunity to turn your blog into an encyclopedia! Now you can build our own Wikipedia using the advantages of WordPress. Easy to use and modify, clean and understandable code.

WikiWP focuses on the content and is also SEO-friendly.

“WikiWP” theme homepage says ” follows the standards and works fine with all kind of plugins. However, it is specially modified to support the following ones:
WordPress Wiki (the one you need for Wikipedia functionality! *wikipedia style*)
BM Keyword Link
Comment Notifier
Comment Info Detector ”

Theme homepage, which is using the WikiWP theme: http://wikiwp.com/

Full demo: http://wikiwp.com/demo/

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