WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

SiteGround Announces Universe Theme for WordPress

SiteGround is a company, specialized mainly in providing web hosting services, but also well known for its free template galleries. Till recently it has been popular mainly with its free Joomla templates. Now, with the launch of its new WordPress theme named Universe, the company reveals that they have a serious intention to reach a new and wide free template audience – the WordPress users.

SteGround has already had few other themes featured in their free WordPress themes gallery. However, the new Universe theme stood out mainly with its advanced functionality. The major advantage of the Universe theme is that it perfectly accommodates not only the default WordPress 3.0 installation but also the majority of the most popular WordPress plugins. Everyone who has tried adding for example the advertising WP125 plugin or the Social Media Widget to a theme that has not been designed for them would appreciate how well they fit into the Universe design. Another thing that deserves attention is the way the theme benefits from the latest innovations introduced by CSS3 and jQuery to provide the user with great design effects. Particularly nice examples of which are the way the posts’ date stamps expand and the image enlargement option.

“WordPress is the most popular blog application among our web hosting customers. That is why our designers put a special effort in the creation of this new theme”, says Hristo Pandjarov, a SiteGround Marketing Department member. “We plan on continuing to launch new high-quality free WordPress themes on a regular basis.”

A demo of the Universe theme and download it at this link:

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