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WordPress Announcements News and Info

The Erudite WordPress Theme Updated

The Erudite theme by Matt Wiebe is a free, open source theme for writers, who want readers, not visitors.

Carefully crafted typography and generous use of whitespace lets your writing shine. Version 2 includes a dark theme option.

60px (em-based) grid layout (inspired by, but not using, 960.gs)
Non-bloggy home page, giving prominence to the most recent post and excerpts of the rest.
Painstaking attention to typography
Carefully crafted font stacks
A dark theme option (new in 2.0)
Menu uses WP 3.0’s new Nav Menu feature, or falls back to page or category-driven menus
Dynamically created pullquotes
Epigraph support (new in 2.5)
Visual editor style (new in 2.5)
Dynamically show & hide the secondary content that would ordinarily reside in a sidebar
Pretty section divider fleurons
A 3-column, widgetized footer
Disabled threaded comments (they’re rubbish, but you can turn them back on if you must)
Easy Google Analytics support (but don’t go crazy with your stats – write good stuff, the rest will take care of itself.)
Ability to turn off theme credit in footer (but why would you do that to me?)
Localization ready (currently including Dutch & Belorussian translations)

Theme homepage: http://somadesign.ca/projects/the-erudite

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