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WordPress Announcements News and Info

GD Press Tools WordPress Plugin

GD Press Tools by Milan Petrovic is a collection of various administration, seo, maintenance, backup and security related tools.

This tools can be integrated into the various WordPress admin panels, can perform maintenance operations, change some aspects of WordPress, see detailed server settings and information.

Plugin can also track posts and pages views for various popularity lists. Some of the features don’t work with every version of the WordPress.

There is a free Lite version and a premium version, GD Press Tools PRO.

Plugin homepage: http://www.dev4press.com/gd-press-tools/

Features list, some features only in PRO version.

Database tools
Database cleanup
Simple database backup
Database tables status
Database tables columns
Drop or empty tables
Advanced database backup
Schedule Backup Jobs
Use mysqldump for backup
Select tables for backup
Individual tables cleanup and repair options
Estimate backup size
Registrations And Users Management
Tracking users last loggin time and date
Restrict username registration using keywords
Restrict username registration by length
Tracking users last activity time and date
Prune users based on different criteria
Auto filter for spam registrations
Auto ban IP’s based on spam registrations
Extra contact method fields for user profiles
Administration tools
Change the username
Reset sidebars widgets
Clear cached rss feeds
Protect folders with index file
Adding custom gravatars
Maintenance Mode
Search engine optimization
Meta tag robots panel
Meta tag robots post/page integration
Meta tag language
Website based short url
Add shortlink url to the html head
Cron scheduler
List of scheduled jobs
Unschedule job
Run scheduled job
Schedules periods for cron jobs editor
List of all registered wp hooks
List of all php information
List of all php constants
List of all mysql information
Server, Php and mysql front page status
Dashboard Widgets
Additional options and info
Pinned posts and pages
Disable and prevent loading of default widgets
Allow html in term, User and link descriptions
Posts edit grid change posts per page
Links panel extra columns
Media panel extra columns
Post/page edit extra columns
Categories grid extra columns
Users grid extra columns
Comments grid extra columns
Users grid last logged in column
Users grid latest activity column
Logging & debug
Display sql queries in footer
Executed plugins sql queries saved into file
Display used memory in the footer
GDP_R function for pretty print_r output
Log all sql queries into the file
Preview serialized data
Preview JSON string data
PHP settings
Change memory_limit
Output compression
Posts tools
Dulicate posts from post edit panel
Close comments and pings for posts
Controls for saving revisions
Disable post auto save
Delete all revisions for published posts/pages
Delete posts older than selected date
Additional options on post editor widget
Duplicate post exceptions for custom fields
Pin post or page to dashboard
Auto tagger
Global auto tagger
Auto tagger in the post editor panel widget
Additional settings to control tagging
Log relevant cron job data into log file
RSS feeds
Delayed rss post publishing
Add content before and after rss items
Disable rss feeds
Allow blog access only to logged users
Remove wordpress version
Remove really simple discovery header link
Remove windows live writer header link
Remove error messages from login page
URL Scan for excesive lenght of request
URL Scan for SQL injection code
CSS Hacks
Background color for edit grids for draft posts
Width of tags column edit grids for draft posts
Showing hidden custom fields on post editor
Disable core update
Disable plugins update
Disable themes update
Allow for beta and nightly updates
Tracking visits
Daily counts of views for posts and pages
Daily counts of views for registered users of posts and pages
Tracking of posts and/or pages only
Various Tweaks
Remove turbo, logo, favorites and help
Disable Flash uploader
Disable post auto save
Enable database auto repair feature
Disable Trash and bring back Delete Permanently option

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