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Simple Mail Address Encoder Plugin for WordPress

This plugin by Bannerweb GmbH automatically encodes every e-mail address on posts, pages and sidebar widgets to prevent spam. Simply decodes any previously encoded e-mail address by just clicking the mail link.

The simple mail address encoder finds every linked e-mail address in posts, pages and sidebar widgets and encodes these to prevent the mail address owner from being added into a spam list by spam crawlers searching the web for unsecured mail addresses.

This plugin does not have any graphical user interface – just activate it in your WordPress backend and let it do its job.

The enduser behavior is the same as usual as if the mail address where not encoded. Clicking the mail address link forces a real-time decoding provided by JavaScript.

Tested on WordPress 3.0!

Plugin homepage: http://www.bannerweb.ch/unsere-leistungen/wordpress-dev/simple-mail-address-encoder/

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