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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress for Artists Online Event

On Wednesday, June 16, 2010, Kim Beasley, a.k.a. The WordPress Lady, will be a special guest of the Art Licensing Info Monthly Ask Call Series. Artist Tara Reed is excited to add this valuable resource for artists looking to learn how to use the web more effectively in their art licensing businesses.

“Artists who license their art do things a little differently online than artists who sell originals.” Reed explains. “We need to show enough of our work to get a manufacturer interested, but don’t want our entire life’s work available for anyone to see.”

WordPress, originally know as a blogging platform, offers many options that will benefit those in the art licensing industry. The flexible platform, combined with an ever growing list of plug-ins and options, can provide password protected areas for artists to house their portfolio and allow access to those they desire. Entire websites can be built using WordPress, whether there is a blog feature or not.

“If I were starting today, I’d create all of my websites in WordPress.” Reed says. “I’ve migrated some and plan to move more in the future. I’m very excited to share the possibilities with artists through the call with Kim Beasley. She now manages all the “Ask” websites in the Art Licensing Info family, as well as the blog and is a real pro.”

Artists interested in learning more should visit http://www.AskAboutWordPressForArtists.com.

The free calls, offered through ArtLicensingInfo.com have been a great vehicle for artists to learn from experts in the art licensing industry and discover that they too, face the same challenges artists starting out face. The calls create both a sense of hope and community for artists interested in licensing.

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