WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

Zingiri Forum Intergration Plugin for WordPress

Zingiri Forum by EBO is a plugin that integrates the powerfull myBB bulletin board software with WordPress. It brings one of the most powerfull free forum softwares to WordPress users.

MyBB is an easy to use, powerful, multilingual, feature-packed, and free forum software.

Plugin info: download and support at : http://www.zingiri.com/products/forum

MyBB is a discussion board that has been around for a while; it has evolved from other bulletin boards into the forum package it is today. Therefore, it is a professional and efficient discussion board, developed by an active team of developers. The MyBB history has been recorded and is available for the interested to read. You can also read more about the MyBB team and why they develop MyBB in their spare time. We also like to highlight the most active and contributing fansites of the MyBB community.

MyBB info at: http://www.mybb.com/

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