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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WP Content Filter WordPress Plugin Updated

This WordPress plugin by dgwyer and gwycon has been completely overhauled and will protect your site by filtering out profanity, swearing, abusive comments and any other keywords specified in the Plugin options page.

You can select which sections of your WordPress site to filter keywords from including:

Posts (including recent posts sidebar widget)
Post title
Comments (including recent comments sidebar widget)
Comment authors
Tag cloud.

Features coming in future versions:

Add full internationalisation.
Add planned features from previous site, and incorporate here.
Put in the delete db options upon deactivation.
Add defaults upon activation option.
Delete options db entries automatically when plugin is deactivated AND deleted.
Address the strict filtering issue to prevent filtering out valid words.
Add another option to filter character drop down box, so that you can choose to add your own string (e.g. ‘bleep’) to replace a flagged keyword.
Be able to replace the (non-formatted) filtered keywords with custom formatting (i.e. text colour, background colour, styling – italic, bold, smaller font size, different font).

Pluginh homepage: http://www.presscoders.com/plugins/free-plugins/wp-content-filter/

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