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WordPress Announcements News and Info

GoldenBookmarks.com – New Way to Advertise Using WordPress

For more than two years, GoldenBookmarks.com has been known as a top content management website which allowed its users to submit news and stories. It was recently acquired April 2010 from MateMedia company. Since then, it was redirected to a popular social bookmarking website, Psoop.com and was even put up for auction at Flippa. However, according to the owner of the website, Russel Gabiola, she no longer wished to operate a similar website as she had better plans for GoldenBookmarks.com. After several changes to the website, Ms. Gabiola has finally decided to setup an advertising blog using WordPress for GoldenBookmarks.com.

GoldenBookmarks.com uses a stylish magazine theme for its design with various features. It allows visitors to view the website in three-column layout with nice javascript effects such as slideshow, article sliders, newsticker, image mouseover effects, dropdown menu and many more. It also offers three widget-ready sidebars, a big option set with custom logo uploader, and uses post-thumbnails for easy uploading.

GoldenBookmark’s concept is for advertisers to submit their content for promotional purposes. All submitted content will be featured on the website for as little as $10. What makes the website different and unique from other blogs is that GoldenBookmarks.com will never publish significant news events or popular topics which most bloggers would often write about.
GoldenBookmarks.com accepts all types of products and business advertising excluding those with malicious content. The submission is reviewed within 24 hours and will be released on the same day. Even though GoldenBookmarks.com accepts all types of advertising from companies, the readers can expect quality products with reviews and comments from clients.

GoldenBookmarks.com will serve as a business directory, classifieds, and review website in one.

GoldenBookmarks.com currently markets an online school as well as domain and website sales. In order to attract more clients, GoldenBookmarks.com has already sent out several press releases and has continued to promote the website using social bookmarking, PPC campaigns, directory submissions, quality link building, and search engine optimization. Advertisers will benefit from the website’s thousands of monthly visitors.

GoldenBookmarks.com has an Alexa ranking of 50,000.

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