ArcadePress Open Source WordPress Plugin

ArcadePress is an open source arcade plugin for WordPress that allows you to turn any WordPress site into a full arcade site, including flash game uploads, categories, highscores, game feeds & more.

The developer states the plugin is in heavy development – Not all features are funcitional.

Add games from the admin panel
* Edit games from the admin panel
* Basic set of options including alternate content, game display options, etc.
* Shortcode for adding a specific game: i equals 2
* Shortcode for recent games
Add/edit flash games through the WordPress admin panel.
* Each game creates it’s own WordPress page, allowing it to co-exist with other useful plugins (like sitemap plugins) as well as friendly URLs & comments.
* Each game has a name, thumbnail(s), small description, & full description
* Provide multiple sidebar and dashboard widgets
* Automatically import games from leading game feeds
* Record highscores from compatible games, using the WordPress user system
* Provide markup to allow you to include games, descriptions, thumbnails, and more in any post or page.

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