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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Digital Raindrops CMS-Lite Plugin

Digital Raindrops CMS-Lite plugin for WordPress, will help developers manage and create a set of new templates to use with your theme.

A knowledge of css and php is required for this plugin as there will be a learning curve. Up to 4 Sidebars, 16 Content Panes, 10 Options Panels, Footer Panel plus addons like Category menu etc: Step 1: Plan your page layouts (outside of wordPress) Step 2: Enter some details about your theme width, no of existing sidebars etc: Step 3: Name your Content Panes Step 4: Name your Option Panels Step 5: Create styles for the new Sidebars, content panes and Footer Step 6: Create pages and templates Step 7: Update the Stylesheet from wordpress admin or by updating the files Step 8: With a few lines of code deploy to your website

Demo: http://digitalraindrops.net/demo/wordpress/cms-lite/

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