WordPress Plugin Directory Refreshed

WordPress.org has refreshed it’s Plugin Directory. Matt Mullenweg said “there are over 19,000 plugins listed and they’re really the heart and soul of WordPress for many people”

Changes include:
“You’ll now notice that threads about a plugin are pulled directly into a “support” tab on the plugin page — each plugin has its own forum. We’ve made authors much more prominent and with bigger Gravatars and better placement, so you can get a sense of who made the plugin you’re using. And finally to show how active and well-supported a plugin is, you can see ”16 of 75 support threads in the last two weeks have been resolved.” Finally, if you’re logged in you get access to the new “favorites” feature that lets you mark the plugins you use the most so you can share them on your profile page and find them quickly later. We soft-launched favorites a few days ago and there have already been 2,000 saved!

Read full article at: http://wordpress.org/news/2012/05/plugins-refreshed/

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