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PHP Live! for WordPress a plugin by osicodesinc, enables live help and live customer support chat communication on your website. Integrate an interactive real-time chat capability and provide one-on-one chat assistance to your website visitors. Live chat is rapidly becoming the website standard and because PHP Live! is 100% web based, if you have a web browser, you can provide live chat assistance directly from your website. PHP Live! is a premium service.

PHP Live! enables live help and live customer support chat communication on your website. PHP Live! is simple to integrate and intuitive to operate with vast customization options.

PHP Live! is 100% web browser based with no additional software installation required. Your website visitors will be able to chat with you instantly using any major web browser, including mobile devices.

Assign an operator to unlimited number of departments. Some examples of departments you can create are “Customer Support”, “Sales”, “General Inquiries” and more.

Real-time Visitor Traffic Monitor with GeoIP. View visitors that are on your website in real-time. See their footprint activity, their GeoIP location and other various data that may be helpful to streamline visitor chat assistance.

PHP Live! includes various reporting and tools that are bundled with the software. Track your ad click rates, enhance awareness with chat footer marquees, track overall visitor footprint data, view daily chat request trends and much more.

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